Westminster Primary School

Policies & Parent Information

Welcome to Westminster Primary School. It is an honour to have your child and family as a part of our school community.

Our Vision

Students are held at the centre of our focus while their self-esteem and resilience is nurtured. We are committed to work in partnership with students, their families, and the broader school community to establish a shared vision for our students.

Together we learn, grow, achieve.

Our Values

Our school community has developed a set of values aligned to our vision. As a Positive Behaviour School (PBS) these values underpin our whole school approach towards behaviour education. The school key values are Persistence, Responsibility, Respect and good Character.




We show good CHARACTER

Andrea White


2023 Parent Information Booklet

This handbook was developed to provide easy access to relevant information to support families as they transition into our new school environment. We welcome any feedback that could enhance this process to ensure that this is a positive experience for students and their families.

2023 Kindy Information Booklet

In Kindergarten the children must be accompanied to and from the classroom by an adult and be handed over to the classroom teacher or Education Assistant on arrival. This is for your child’s own safety.

Positive Student Behaviour and Engagement Policy Guidelines 2021 - 2022

The aim of our Positive Student Behaviour and Engagement Policy and Guidelines is to establish and maintain a safe and secure environment for learning where the focus is on engaging ALL students and where high quality, positive relationships between the staff and students at BPS are fostered.

Please click on the below link to download a copy of our policy.