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Breakfast Club

School Programs. We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and that this is especially true for children. Children who have a healthy, filling breakfast are better able to focus on their schoolwork and have more energy for fun with friends.

To facilitate this, the school runs a Breakfast Club on Monday and Tuesday from 8:15am to 8:45am. The Breakfast Club is an opportunity for children and parents to take time to eat this important meal together.

It encourages both healthy eating habits, and fosters a sense of school community.

Aboriginal Education Officers

We have a number of AIEO’s at Westminster Primary School. They have multiple important roles within the school, including in-class support across the school in every class throughout the year, coordinating families and supporting our Aboriginal students and their families.

There is fabulous art work throughout the campus.

Student Leadership

Westminster Primary School prides itself in nurturing student leaders. Our core values represent the variety of leadership opportunities across the school, whether it be Student Representatives, Student Councillors, Faction Captains and Vice Captains or Peer Leaders. A Koorlangka leadership program supports Aboriginal students with endless leadership opportunities. All our leadership programs are current, practical, interactive and enjoyed by all students.


Bec, our school chaplain provides pastoral care for our students and families in multiple ways. She provides essential social, emotional and mental health support for individual students and families throughout the year through programs including Breakfast Club, food hampers, lunches. referrals to support services.


Westminster Primary School is a very multi-cultural environment. 62% of our families are from a non-English speaking background. We embrace the richness that different customs, religions, languages and values bring to us.

Educators at Westminster Primary School support and encourage children in their acquisition of English as an additional language through a wide range of strategies that foster high quality interactions and create a positive context for the development of language. The classroom environments are stable and engaging, allowing the children to have multiple opportunities for social interaction and co- learning opportunities. The children’s learning is supported by predictable routines and classroom systems with expected language.

Cultural diversity at Westminster Primary School is celebrated through events including Harmony Day celebrations in mid-March each year, NAIDOC day and multi-cultural lunches.  Regardless of cultural or linguistic backgrounds, the children and families of the school community promote the values of respect, equality, cultural diversity and a sense of belonging.